Project Bowman is a slow fashion label, owned and made in Melbourne. 


Project Bowman is a collaborative and creative pursuit from two distinctly unique individuals, who are involved in everything from design to shipping your orders out. They are supported by an amazing network of local makers and suppliers in Melbourne, Australia. 

They make garments for well dressed criminals — those who aren’t afraid to break the rules in order to express themselves and their belief systems. Flirting with masculine energies and feminine silhouettes, they aim to give wearers effortless confidence. 

Bella and Amber met in their early twenties, post university studies, while working in the fast fashion industry. Bonding over their desire to create and their disillusionment with the global response to sustainable practices - the idea for Project Bowman began formation. 

Four years on, Project Bowman is a completely independent clothing label.  Behind the brand, Amber’s focus is bringing to life P:B garments, from design, to fit, feel and overall aesthetic. Graduating with a degree from RMIT in Fashion Design, she draws inspiration from the social and political climate, emotions, playing with the juxtaposition and duality of light and dark. 

Bella has a background in PR and Marketing, completing a degree in Communications at RMIT. Her early career began at boutique marketing agencies in Melbourne. Short lived, Bella moved into the dynamic world of music. Her experience working with musicians and artists in the industry has heavily influenced her creative expression, intertwining with her vision and brand direction for Project Bowman.